What are my objectives while studying this topic?

  • Consider the ethical requirements of research

  • Prepare and submit an ethical research form for a chosen target audience

  • Assess the ethics form for its purpose

  • Identify key points to include when completing the ethics form

How long will this topic take to study?

On average you’ll be looking at about one hour of study time.

What are the main activities on this topic?


Choose a partner to complete an ethics form to gather evidence by either using a questionnaire or interview of the science-based programmes you watch on television.

Ask a different pair of students to review the completed forms. Give verbal feedback on each others’ work. The original pair should produce a tick sheet of key points to pay attention to when completing their own ethics form. These key points should be shared across the whole group.

What will I be expected to do on my own time as homework?

  • Complete and submit an ethical research form for a chosen audience

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