Accuracy and reliability of media

What are my objectives while studying this topic?

  • Analyse data and written material to determine reliability and accuracy

  • Determine the authoritative nature of the material

  • Evaluate the power to inform and develop understanding of the focus

Can I get an introduction to this topic?

Yes, why not have a look at the following clips:

Images from different viewpoints of the same object – water turbines

What are the key words to learn and use?

  • Economic

  • Social

  • Ethical

  • Technological

  • Educational

  • Cultural

  • Authoritative

  • Accurate

  • Reliable

How long will this topic take to study?

On average you’ll be looking at about two to three hours of study time.

What are the main activities on this topic?

Speed dating

Read an article about a chosen topic. Divide your group into two opposite rows. For at least 30 seconds tell your partner about the piece you have read, now let your partner tell you about the piece they have read. Move up and down the line exchanging your views about your article with different members of your group.

'Market-place' activity

Prepare an article in detail examining its economic, social, ethical, technological, educational and cultural nature. Use the pre-prepared worksheet whilst to do this.

Flip-chart activity

Read and article of your choice. On a flip chart write down the key implications of that article. For example your could add: lack of judgement, control and manipulation of the reader/ viewer/ listener, major scientific advancement and sustained interest.

Information gathering for discussion

Gather information for discussion using the Who knows? worksheet. Discuss each aspect of your chosen article explaining your reasoning to the rest of the class.

This website provides a feed to ‘you tube’ where ‘France 24’ report on the barrage.

Introductions to reference materials:

The ‘Turning the Tide: Tidal Power in the UK’ report can be downloaded from The Sustainable Development Commission and also gives access to a range of other websites from the following link

Other materials for comparison to determine the bias/ authoritative nature of the materials.

The following links provide information that might be used as alternative opposition evidence to examine conflict with the other articles.

Additional material is available:

What will I be expected to do on my own time as homework?

Follow up with a page from the Reflective Journal written for one piece of the above material.

Write an article or present material in another format for either a scientific audience or a non-scientific audience.

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