Variety of Media

What are my objectives while studying this topic?

  • Describe the variety of media used to present scientific ideas

  • Analyse the impact of different media

What are the key words to learn and use?

  • Media

How long will this topic take to study?

On average you’ll be looking at about one or two hours of study time.

What are the main activities on this topic?

Find a theme to work on; this could be a single simple theme such as plants produce food. You’ll need to focus on this theme presented through different types of formats. This could be for the same audience by looking at the range of different media or how the same theme is presented for different audiences.

Possible formats could include:

  • Newspaper articles

  • Magazine articles, quizzes etc (social)

  • Journal articles (academic)

  • Posters

  • Radio broadcasts

  • Pod casts

  • Television programmes

  • Web-based material

  • Leaflets

  • Handouts

  • Video

  • Songs

Analyse how this subject has been presenting through the different types of media listed above. Present your findings as a single-page leaflet to the rest of the group in your class and ask for feedback.

What will I be expected to do on my own time as homework?

It’s a good idea to engage in discussion with other people about what they like about the presentation of material through different media.

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