Inorganic ion identification

Portfolio Activity

Can I get an introduction to this topic?

Yes, why not have a look at the following clips:

What are the key words to learn and use?

  • Organic

  • Aliphatic

  • Alkane

  • Physical properties

  • Chemical properties

  • Carbon chain

  • Molecular structure

  • Functional group

  • Hydrolysis

  • Tollen’s reagent

  • Fehling’s reagent

  • Brady’s reagent

  • Bromine water

How long will this topic take to study?

Remember, this is a portfolio activity so you’ll be looking at about seven hours of study time.

What are the main activities on this topic?

You’ll be expected to research the different types of qualitative tests that can be used for ion identification. Take a look at the following link for some help on this:

Once you’ve done this carry out tests on known samples of ions, using a standard procedure that can be adapted from the following site.

To gain a higher standard with your interpretation and evaluation skills, try to get some unknown samples which have to be identified. This is not a portfolio requirement but it will help you further develop your skills.

What will I be expected to do toward my portfolio work in my own time?

You’ll be expected to complete sections of work. Examples might include:

  • Research on ion identification

  • Risk Assessment

  • Tabulation of Results

  • Interpretation & Conclusions

  • Completion of report

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