Quantitative analysis

Portfolio Activity

What are my objectives while studying this topic?

  • Understand how or where volumetric analysis is used

  • Prepare standard solutions for titration using a standard procedure

  • Write a comprehensive risk assessment of the titration that is carried out

  • Carry out a titration accurately

  • Given the relevant equations for the reaction, carry out calculations to determine the concentration of the substances in question

  • Analyse and interpret results and evaluate investigation

Can I get an introduction to this topic?

Yes, why not have a look at the following clips:

What are the key words to learn and use?

  • Titration

  • Volumetric flask

  • Mole

  • Standard solution

  • Titre

  • Concordant

  • End-point

How long will this topic take to study?

Remember, this is a portfolio activity so you’ll be looking at about ten hours of study time.

What are the main activities on this topic?

Download these worksheets. In pairs test each other on the tests from memory.

You’ll have to learn and revise atomic and formula mass and from there, go on to learn and use the mole equation. Once you’ve done this make solutions and work out their concentration in mol/dm3 using the mole equation.

Prepare a standard solution and carry out a titration. A suitable standard procedure can be found or adapted from ILPAC Advanced Practical Chemistry, 2nd edition, Revised by Lainchbury, A, Stephens, J and Thompson, A; John Murray, 1997, ISBN 0719575079

Experiment. A second suitable standard procedure can be found on the BSI education website. Students can discover how much salt is found in butter.

What will I be expected to do toward my portfolio work in my own time?

You’ll be expected to complete sections of work. Examples might include:

  • Research on applications of volumetric analysis

  • Risk Assessment

  • Tabulation of Results

  • Calculations

  • Interpretation & Conclusions

  • Completion of report

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