What should I know before I study this Unit?

  • How to carry out a basic titration

  • How simple chromatography works

What will I be studying in this Unit?

The underpinning theme of this Unit is to analyse how energy stored in carbon-based (fossil) fuels can be used to produce useful energy and how this energy is used and its impact on the environment.

In a nutshell you will be studying the following areas:

  • The preparation of samples for analysis

  • How chromatography and colorimetry are useful in analysis

  • How to work successfully in a team

  • How to carry out quantitative and qualitative analysis

  • How to carry out practical techniques and procedures used in the school laboratory and in an industrial context

  • Get to understand how industrial scientists work

How long will this Unit take to study?

On average you’ll be looking at 60 hours of teaching and independent research time.

What can I do to get the best out of this Unit?

If you’re really serious about getting the best out of this Unit and are prepared to put some extra time in on your own it would be great if you could do some of the following:

  • Get together and organise visits by companies involved with chemical analysis or your local hospital laboratory

  • Work in teams with defined team roles and evaluate their performance as part of the team

What topics will I be studying in this Unit?

Topic 1: Samples

In this topic you will study:

  • Two organisations that use analytical Science

  • Samples for analysis

Topic 2: Chromatography and colorimetry

In this topic you will study:

Processes and methods of:

  • Chromatography

  • Colorimetry

Topic 3: Qualitive and Quantitive analysis

In this topic you will study:

Processes and methods of:

  • Qualitive analysis

  • Quantitive analysis

Where can I find some more information on this Unit?

Past Papers

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